Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review: Dark and Deadly Things by Kelly Martin

It is a strange feeling in life to watch your ghost hunter of a father live on TV while eating popcorn next to your dead mother.

That’s not entirely true. It is a strange feeling to be sure and my mother is most assuredly dead. But she isn’t next to me. She’s across the room, standing between the old mahogany grandfather clock that needs to be dusted and the old cabinet television that belonged to my grandma in the eighties. It doesn’t work anymore, the television that is. Now the cabinet is used as a stand for the newer TV version, one that you don’t have to get up and change the channels on.

I watched them die. I watched them all die, and I could say nothing as my father was accused of the crime. Only he didn't do it. The black shadow did... only no one will ever believe me.

And then there is Abel Hale. His entire family died at the hand of the black shadow, and he thinks I can help him get revenge.

If I could do that, I'd already gotten it. As it is, I go with Abel because it is the easiest thing to do.

Nothing is ever easy.

Seeing ghosts is a curse, but Abel's curse is something I never expected, something I fear.... something I can never trust.

Only he's all I have.

And I'm the only thing standing between him and the truth.
Review: Rating- 5
I hate horror. I hate scary things. I hate being scared. I hate all things that go bump in the night or that flicker out of the side of your eye. I’m queen of being paranoid. I can’t enter a room without turning a light on first. I can’t go upstairs unless someone is with me. I think you get the picture.
Somehow, I don’t think any therapist worth his or her salt will believe me anyway.
I LOVE Dark and Deadly Things. It is scary and I did have to call my husband home from work just so I could finish reading it. However, it’s more than just scary, it’s brilliant, and written so well. This is Kelly Martin’s best book yet. Fans of the supernatural are going to devour this one.
The world won’t ever come into focus if I keep my eyes covered.
The story is of a girl, Elise, who can see ghosts. Her dad is a ghost hunter on TV and she used to be part of his team, but no longer helps him on his show. One night she watches her dad’s live televised showing of him hunting ghosts in a families haunted house and something goes terribly wrong, leaving a family torn apart. One of the son’s in that family, Abel, tracks Elise down and requests her help.
A soul is a soul, whether living or dead.
I’m purposely leaving this review vague, because the book needs to be read in itself, not in someone else’s review. It’s amazing, realistic, scary, and it’s hilarious. In the midst of all the crazy that goes on, Kelly Martin knows how to lighten the mood, to bring you back from that dark place.
Derek the Dick promptly doubles over, his hands grab what I assume is a very small package, and I’m sure he could sing soprano in The Phantom of the Opera right about now. Strange how my knee just suddenly rose up and hit him in the junk like that.
Pick up Dark and Deadly Things, grab your blankey, keep the lights on, and get ready for a wild crazy terrifying ride that you don’t want to miss out on.
Things happen, and we have to somehow find the strength to get through it and live our lives.

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