Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Review: Reckless by Kelly Martin

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Synopsis/Chapter 1:
Not that anyone will ever know.
Not that they’ll remember.
But I know.
I remember.
That’s my curse.
I don’t agree with how he did it.
I wish it had been me that died. Lord knows we would’ve all
been safer if I’d been the one instead of Hart.
But he couldn’t let that happen.
He couldn’t live with it.
How am I supposed to live with it?
The pain.
The remorse.
The pressing feeling that something inside me that I can’t
control is still there… dormant but not dead. Ready to pounce.
Ready to kill again.
Hart saved the world, that’s true.
But he couldn’t save me

Review: Rating- 5
If you haven't read this series stop reading this review, grab Heartless, and start reading! You wont regret it! I've been putting off this review for so many reasons, but mostly, writing a review means the book, this series, is really done- no, completed. Complete. This series is complete and this finale was more than I imagined because I never thought it was going to be like this... and I'm glad. 
Gracen is my rock. My constant. The one thing that keeps me even the slightest bit human.
If someone asked me to summarize this book or even this series in one word, for once I wouldn't stutter around trying to grasp a word, for once a single word comes straight to mind: Empowering.
I stand and look down on her. She's so... frail. So small. All this time I've been afraid of her, of the voice in my head telling me I'm not good enough, not worthy. And when I look at her now, I have to wonder who the hell she thinks she is.


"Yes. Yes, I'm worthy."
If you haven't read this series then stop reading this review because there will be spoilers from this point on. Reckless picks up right where Breathless left off.
Jessup Hart Blackwell saved the world.
We see Gracen panicking, crying, cleaning up the blood. We get to see what life is like for her after the event. Then we get to the big problem. Gracen is still alive. Gracen being alive means there's still the Abomination.
I can never allow myself another moment of weakness.
Everyone we've come to love and hate show up in Reckless for their final move, their last effort to make the world and their lives go the way they want it to.
If you don't save her, if you don't bring her back to me, I'll rain a fire of death and destruction that you've never seen onto the world. I'm a demon, Lucien. A demon. Evil. Ruthless. Reckless. I'll do whatever I damn well please if I don't have Gracen by my side. You wont have to worry about the Abomination when I'm finished with everything. You have my word on that." My fingers dig deep into his neck. So deep I can see red droplets of blood pooling, fixing to run down my fingers.

"You'd do that? For one person."

"No." I shake my head and let his feet fall to the concrete steps. "I'd do that for her."
The book is about each of these people coming up with a way to stop the Abomination from taking over again.
As long as there is hope, I'll be okay.
If you asked me for the top 10 ways I expected this book to go I would have been completely wrong. Kelly Martin took an intense action packed series and wrapped it up in intense feelings. These college kids had to face and conquer the impossible and in doing so they had to have their hearts ripped out, but in the end they got their Hope.
He's Hart. My Hart.
This was a beautiful ending for a beautiful series!
"Stay with me." He whispers.

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