Monday, March 14, 2016

Review: Betraying Ever After by Kelly Martin

The first time Vaughan Wexley, Earl of Brighton, eyes the blonde beauty from atop the balcony, he is taken. Once he confronts her, he finds himself in love. The mysterious woman seems out of place in the regular sea of husband nabbing debutantes. She posses a gentle spirit, wide-eyed innocence, and-- his favorite quality-- cascading golden waves around her elegant shoulders. In need of a wife of noble blood, Vaughan believes his search has ended.

Emma Hartwell's only mission at the ball is to deliver a message to the host from her employer. In and out. That's the plan until she sees beautiful sights she's only dreamed of and hears wonderful music that touches her soul. Dressed up as a noble woman by the young housemaid Elizabeth and knowing she'll never get this opportunity again, Emma lingers longer than she intended. Her amazement with the grandeur allows the devilishly handsome Lord Brighton to steal her attention and sweep her off her feet. He is a charming man who is obviously taken with her. Emma's heart doesn't stand a chance. If only she could tell him the truth.

An earl in need of an honorable wife.

A servant in love with a man she can't have.

An evil plan that was set in motion years ago coming to fruition.

Can love conquer betrayal? Or will Emma's fairytale end at midnight?

A Cinderella re-telling.
Review: Rating- 5
Betraying Ever After was truly an enthralling, gripping retelling of Cinderella. Kelly Martin wrote this retelling in a way that made the story completely new. I was hooked from the very beginning, the more I read the more engrossed I became.

I loved Emma, this sweet innocent clueless girl with a wicked right hook. You cant help but feel bad for her and all the other characters that are paying for their sins or the sins of their parents. Sins... Good ol' Mr. Dodsworth, call me whatever you want, but I'm captivated by Mr. Dodsworth. The puppeteer, the punisher, the pathetic lonely man. I want to know more about him, his story, I want to see someone take him on and best him in a way that wipes his smile from his face and makes him cast his eyes down.

This was a fantastic romance with so much depth and feelings. By the time you get to that climax your heart will be left on the ballroom floor as secrets start coming out and every character learns their part in this master plan for Justice.

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