Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis

Narnia...the world of wicked dragons and magic spells, where the very best is brought out of even the worst people, where anything can happen (and most often does)...and where the adventure begins.

The Dawn Treader is the first ship Narnia has seen in centuries. King Caspian has built it for his voyage to find the seven lords, good men whom his evil uncle Mizaz banished when he usurped the throne. The journey takes Edmund, Lucy, and their cousin Eustace to the Eastern Islands, beyond the Silver Sea, toward Aslan's country at the End of the World.

Lucy, Edmund, and their cousin Eustace, are magically transported onto the ship, Dawn Treader, where King Caspian is searching for the seven lost friends of his father. On the voyage, the children meet many fantastical creatures, including the great Aslan himself.
Review by Patrick:

This is my favorite of the series, so far. (I haven't read the last book yet, or finished the sixth.) This has a great story, with fantastic characters, amazing places, and descriptions and details that will absolutely capture your imagination. I've read this book a few times, and every time, I love it.

This story is about a ship's journey, so there is much seafaring time, but also plenty of time on islands and places on the ground too. Edmund and Lucy are back for this book, along with their cousin, Eustace and new characters. My favorite is Reepicheep, who is a mouse (albeit, a foot-tall mouse) with the courage of a lion, and the heart of a true gentleman.

This book keep you on your toes. It moves quickly, but every chapter has something new and exciting to it. The adventure, challenges, character growth, and story is worth every page. Read this one. I think it is the best of the series, and there's nobody who can tell me any different.

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