Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: A Billionaire's Love Story: Falling In A Moment by JM Cagle

Elle Cinder’s world was turned upside down a year ago with her father's death and the loss of her inheritance, and now she works as a cleaning woman, hoping that one day she can return to school. She has found that her heart is too broken by her father's betrayal to believe in love or that she will ever find it. That is until her friend Claire forces her to come to an exclusive party as support. But little does Elle know that she will meet one of the three Charmant brothers. The brothers who run their family's diverse empire. In the youngest brother Luke, Elle finds a man who is her intellectual equal and whose mere presence has started her heart on a healing path. For Luke, upon setting eyes on Elle, he is finally able to experience the ‘click’ his mother and father have always talked about, describing it as the moment when two souls recognize one another as their match. It is how his parents met: they clicked on a subway, and for Luke, a love like that of his parents is all he has ever wanted. But falling in love in the span of a few hours is the easy part; for Elle, letting go of the pain of the last year and allowing her heart to heal will be much harder. Can a modern woman have a fairy tale style happily ever after?
Review: Rating- 4
Another modern day Cinderella story, except this was a refreshing tale that was just the right amount of romance mixed in with cute corny scenes.

Elle Cinder and her friends Claire sneak into a party where Elle meets Luke and they have this, 'click,' love at first sight feeling. Elle has been burned by love so she ignores the feeling as best as she can.

This is a short story that wraps up nicely. I was disappointed that the ending felt a bit rushed. I think a few more pages to give the ending more meat would have been nice. Overall, this is a cute retelling of Cinderella, so if you like fairy tales give this one a try.

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