Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: A Wolf's Duty by Jennifer Alli


It isn't everyday that a werewolf finds their mate but after two hundred years of waiting Tobias is more than willing to overlook Alexandria's humanity and bring her into a world she never knew existed.
Eager to escape her father's brutal fists, Alex lets her instant connection to Tobias overcome her natural reserve but she quickly finds his world is no less dangerous than the one she left behind.
As secrets come to light revealing how extraordinarily different Alex truly is, will their love survive or will his duty and her differences keep them apart?

Review by Rachel: Rating- 3
Let me start off by saying, I want Tobias! Oh my gosh, I want that wolf man. I am so glad that this book let us see into his mind or I probably would have thought he was crazy.
And I loved his wolf. He was blunt and completely focused on the only thing that mattered to him. His mate. I loved that, that's what I want in a soul mate shifter book.
I also adored Tobias and his internal arguments with his wolf. It was neat to see that they're the same and yet separate.
I seriously think I fell for the wolf first and then Tobias. I love, love, love his wolf.
The story was fast paced. So fast paced that I got swept away. As soon as something happened, Wham! Something else. I haven't decided if that was good or not. It definitely had me sweating and my heart racing for most of the book.
I loved how Tobias genuinely cared for Alex. He never wanted to pressure her and always gave her a choice (after he learned exactly how important that was to her). He was such a quick learner after their one and only fight where he took her to his family and that fight could have easily been resolved if she had just opened her mouth and told him what was wrong. Come on Alex take John Green's advice.
I didn't feel like Alex reacted the way most people would. Maybe she did, she was abused for so many years that she probably would have accepted anything. But really? She didn't freak out when she saw Ryan as a wolf and phasing. She didn't freak out when she found out she was a witch. She didn't freak out when she was challenged. She doesn't freak out about anything... a normal human would have taken a few minutes to process everything that was going on, in my opinion.
This book definitely could have been set in two books instead of snippets of information crammed into one book. I still want more. I want to know more about Alex's mom (Natasha) and where she came from. I want to know why Natasha ended up with Fred and stuck with him through all of the abuse. I want to know more about Emily and what happened to her. I want to know more about Lucinda and to hear more about her and Tobias relationship. I want to know more about Sean and Natasha and why she let him stick around. I want to know more about Elijah and his past. I want to know more about Travis and Tobias's family in general. I want to know if she ever claimed her inheritance. I want to know more about her power and the history behind it. I want to know more about the plants. I WANT TO KNOW MORE!
Despite all of my ranting I really did enjoy the book. Pinky Promise. I was desperately in the mood to read a soul mate werewolf shifter book and this one was amazing. I truly enjoyed it and give the basic story a 4, but overall it gets a 3 because of all the ranting. If you're in the mood to just read a fast paced novel and not look toooo deeply into it then this book is perfect. It's fun, a little corny, endearing, a little sexy, and has some dark parts. It's not a young adult book. I would say it's a new adult romance. It does have a couple of sex scenes so it is intended for a mature audience.

If you're one who gets caught up in grammatical errors and/or auto-corrected words, this book probably isn't for you. It wasn't bad, but there were a few that jumped out at me and I usually try to ignore them.

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